Mexico eCommerce Market

Latin America’s second most powerful market for eCommerce

Merchants accepting local payment methods increase Mexico reach up to 40% their sales. Learn more about Mexico’s eCommerce market, and it’s unique advantages.

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Market Overview Mexico

Population - 121M

The second largest economy in Latin America.

eCommerce - $22B

Mexico's eCommerce market is expected to reach $48B by 2021.

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eShoppers - 18M

86% of the eCommerce purchases are domestic.

Internet penetration - 70%

Mobile eCommerce continues expanding with already 70% of internet penetration.

Mexico’s eCommerce payment mix

Improve your payment acceptance by offering local payment methods in Mexico.

International credit card 41 %
Debit cards 24 %
Cash payments 20 %
Domestic credit cards 2 %
Bank transfers 2 %
Others 11 %
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Gain insight into Mexico’s most relevant payment methods

Local payments, like OXXO, are essential to boost your sales in Mexico


OXXO is the number one cash payment method, generating 20% of the eCommerce sales


Online bank transfers & eWallets

Online bank transfers through SPEI (Sistema de Pago Electrónico Interbancario) give an easy and fast solution to all Mexican users

BBVA Bancomer
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Credit & Debit Cards

More than 65% of Mexico’s eCommerce purchases are through different card schemes.

American Express
VISA Debit

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